Viet Le (AmasianV, the scientific amasian)

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry at Brown University. My research interest is in understanding how cells communicate via molecular languages, known as signal transduction pathways. Not surprisingly, I am also interested in how the scientific community communicates with the general public. A well-informed public will be essential in shaping the policies that affect science education and research in our country. This blog is an attempt to foster that discussion.

Outside of science, you might find me “playing” the guitar. Or “playing” hockey. Or “taking” photos. And if you’re really lucky you might even catch me “rapping.”

This blog is dedicated to my father, who wishes that I had studied journalism. This is my compromise.

Amasian Dad

Youssef Rizk, Esq. (Legalgytpian, The Juice Bar contributor)

I am an Attorney and Litigation Consultant who specializes in evidence and visual communication strategy at mediation, arbitration, or trial.  I currently work in a wide variety of practice areas including: products liability, personal injury, insurance, medical malpractice, toxic tort, business/commercial litigation, collections, civil rights, intellectual property, and high-profile criminal prosecution.  In spite of being an attorney, I have always had a strong interest in science (I wanted to be a doctor since I was seven), but my limited aptitude for lab work proved problematic (ask anyone that’s seen me use a pipette).  Conceptually, I still find science fascinating, so I remain passionate about exploring the relationship between science and law.

My blog entries are dedicated to my mother who always wished I would become a doctor.  This is my compromise.

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