Dog-day Cicada

Found this little bugger on my tire this morning.

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This past spring, my girlfriend and I were in Virginia for a wedding when the 17-year Brood II cicadas were just starting to emerge. We were excited by the possibility of seeing some on our trip, but unfortunately, we didn’t spot any–I think we were too early?

Well, I can rest easy now after finding this lil’ bugger perched on the tire of my car yesterday morning. I believe this is a “dog-day” cicada, or annual cicada, which is different from the 13- and 17-year periodic cicadas that have been all up in the news. Dog-day cicadas typically have a 2-5 year life cycle and their broods are not synchronized. Overlapping broods ensure that dog-days cicadas appear every summer, usually in July and August, but it also means they don’t swarm like their periodic cousins.

Still pretty cool looking nonetheless.